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    • UMI Static Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Signal Conditioner
    • Model: UMI Static Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Signal Conditioner
      Origin: FISO
      Uses: It is used in various industrial production and scientific research fields, and is particularly suitable for continuous measurement of parameters such as temperature, pressure, strain, refractive index and displacement under various adverse environments.
    • DMI Multi-Channel Static Optical Signal Conditioner
    • DMI 光纤信号调节器 Model: DMI Fiber Optic Signal Conditioner
      FISO公司 Country of Origin: FISO
      应用于各种工业生产和科学研究领域,特别适用于在各种不利环境下进行多点温度、压力、应变、折射率和位移等参数的连续测量。 Uses: It is used in various industrial production and scientific research fields, and is particularly suitable for continuous measurement of parameters such as temperature, pressure, strain, refractive index and displacement under various adverse environments.
    • FOR-1 Portable Single Channel Fiber Optic Sensor Reader
    • Model: FOR-1
      Origin: Roctest, Canada. Uses: Optical fiber single channel portable reader can read any Fabry-Perot fiber optic sensor. Adjusting the analog output can be connected to a conventional reader or monitoring system.
    • FT510 Miniaturized Wireless Transmission Fiber Optic Sensor Analyzer
    • Model: FT510-16
      Country of Origin: China Uses: Suitable for dynamic signal demodulation of various wavelength-modulated fiber sensors such as fiber gratings, fiber FP, such as temperature, strain, pressure, vibration, displacement and multi-component dynamic force, high sensitivity of dynamic load, and more Road dynamic synchronous measurement.
    • FT630-02 DOVS Fiber Optic Vibration Sensor Analyzer
    • Model: FT630-02
      Country of Origin: China Application: Optical fiber distributed perimeter vibration monitoring and early warning system uses a single optical fiber as a two-in-one device for sensor transmission. Analysis and processing of various disturbance data of the optical fiber can identify different types of external interference along the optical fiber, such as intrusion, damage that may threaten the safety of buildings in the perimeter, or mechanical construction of underground optical cables and pipelines, etc., which can achieve long distances Multi-point intrusion detection and high-precision positioning.
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    Case Study | PRIMAX 2500 Heavy Hammer

    In pavement design and bearing capacity evaluation, the drop hammer deflector (referred to as FWD) is one of the most advanced pavement strength non-destructive testing equipment in the world. Its measurement results are accurate and the amount of information is large. Compared with traditional Beckman beam measurement deflection,

    Apageo Mena side pressure meter in a university should

    Laboratory test of Apageo Mena side pressure meter in a university. The side pressure test can be traced back to Germany in the 1930s. This is also the prototype of the earliest single-cavity side pressure tester. After several generations of efforts, until 1957, the French engineer Louis Meiner studied

    PAC acoustic emission system for studying rocks

    I. One of the nondestructive testing methods for the concept of acoustic emission system. The phenomenon of localized stress concentration in materials, the rapid release of energy and the generation of transient elastic waves is called acoustic emission (AEoustic Emission, AE for short), and is sometimes called stress wave emission. Material under stress

    A1040 MIRA array ultrasonic tomography

    The MIRA ultrasonic tomography scanner uses a combined detection synthetic aperture focusing technology to achieve focus on each point in the half space. The data set consists of the information collected by all measurement pairs of the instrument antenna. As a result, a cross-sectional view of the test body is generated, with different

    Proceq GPR concrete radar for steel

    The first ultra-wideband GPR Live reinforced concrete radar uses unique continuous wave step frequency technology to achieve the widest spectrum in the market. All applications that typically use the 0.2 to 4.0 Ghz range can now be covered with a single device. No need to buy and switch

    Mira application for model test block

    Application examples of Mira for model test block Figure 1 Marking test points Figure 2 Scanning test object The test block has a length, width, height, and size of 1000mm * 600mm * 600mm, and the concrete pouring strength grade is C20, which is poured in two layers. Occupied sections are placed at the horizontal section of the layered concrete placement

    MIRA ultrasonic imager used in Zhejiang

    I. Project introduction The floodgate of Laohutan Reservoir is in the form of open surface holes, with a total of 3 holes. The clear width of each hole is 8.0m, the elevation of the weir top is 46.00m, and the weir surface adopts WES curve. ) Open-top curved steel gate. Looking from upstream to downstream, left

    Case Study | DS-50A Dynamic Response

    In order to ensure that under the influence of temperature changes, concrete shrinkage and creep, and load effects, the bridge span structure can be deformed freely according to the static diagram and the vehicle can pass smoothly. It should be between the two adjacent beam ends, the beam Telescopic between end and abutment back wall

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