GPR Live reinforced concrete radar
Concrete radar
    Model: GPR Live
    Origin: PROCEQ, Switzerland Use: Proceq GPR Live is a structural radar combining ultra-wideband technology with a compact design of a wireless scanning cart to achieve the highest efficiency in industrial performance. Just connect your iPad to detect objects and back walls with high definition.
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World's First GPR Live Reinforced Concrete Radar
The first ultra-wideband
GPR Live reinforced concrete radar uses unique continuous wave step frequency technology to achieve the widest spectrum in the market. All applications that typically use the 0.2 to 4.0 Ghz range can now be covered with a single device. No need to buy and switch to a different antenna to handle every detection location. In fact, current GPR solutions only cover one frequency and can only scan a specific penetration depth. In addition, such solutions have significant limitations in the size of objects that can be detected.

High-strength connectivity
具有强大的生态系统,无线扫描小推车连同Apple® iPad 和Proceq Live Web 工具可支持实时数据分析和分享。 GPR Live reinforced concrete radar has a powerful ecosystem, and wireless scanning carts along with Apple® iPad and Proceq Live web tools enable real-time data analysis and sharing. Industry 4.0 is now a reality!

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Simplify daily operations with imaging
iOS 应用设计为可简化整个混凝土评估过程。 The GPR Live Reinforced Concrete Radar iOS app is designed to simplify the entire concrete evaluation process. For example, the integration wizard uses acoustic feedback to help you during the area scan. Another thing that makes each operator's job easier is the intuitive object recognition sign.

Largest display on the market
通过iOS 应用以无线方式连接到Apple® iPad。 GPR Live reinforced concrete radar is wirelessly connected to the Apple® iPad via the iOS app. GPR Live 钢筋混凝土雷达 可在高达12.9 英寸(iPad Pro) 的高分辨率触摸屏上即时成像,这使得它成为市场上最大的GPR 显示屏。 As a result, the GPR Live reinforced concrete radar can instantly image on high-resolution touchscreens up to 12.9 inches (iPad Pro), making it the largest GPR display on the market.

Compact probe design

The compact Proceq GPR Live is assembled in a lightweight and sturdy enclosure. Even in challenging environments Ensures optimal measurement results even when used in challenging environments. In addition, the probe can be operated with standard rechargeable AA batteries, ensuring smooth air travel and easy battery replacement worldwide.


首创的超宽频GPR 技术 The first ultra-wideband GPR technology

Powerful iOS user interface for easy concrete evaluation

Tools to share your measurements in real time

Frequency range Step-frequency continuous wave GPR

Frequency range 0.2 to 4.0 GHz

Peak power -10 dB

70 厘米/28 英寸 Maximum depth range 70 cm / 28 in.
(Dry concrete)


Quality assessment and uniformity

Check uniformity of new buildings

◆ Probing into unknown structures

Positioning rebar before drilling, cutting and coring

Spot detection of protective layer and rebar size

Complete imaging of rebar geometry

Single-sided thickness measurement

Investigation of pavement and bridge decks


Display Any compatible Apple® iPad (iOS 10 and later)

Memory up to 512 GB (depending on Apple® iPad model)

Connect USB port to Apple® iOS tablet, Wi-Fi module via Wi-Fi

线性扫描面积扫描 Measurement mode: linear scan area scan

非迁移扫描 View mode Non-migration scan
Migration "heat map"
Time slice / depth slice
Live 3D View (Professional and Unlimited Versions Only)

Report as software Export options (professional and unlimited versions only): measurement (scan), snapshot (jpg), table (csv)


◆ Device Tablet PC Stand (393 40 100)
◆ Telescopic pole with tablet stand (393 40 200)
◆ Proceq Grid Paper-60x60 / 5cm (set of 5) (393 20 001S)
◆ Proceq Grid Paper-60x60 / 10cm (set of 5) (393 20 002S)
◆ Proceq Grid Paper-24x24 / 2in (set of 5) (393 20 011S)
◆ Proceq Grid Paper-24x24 / 4in (set of 5) (393 20 012S)
◆ Battery pack 8X AA NiMH (393 00 045)
◆ Chalk (set of 10 pieces) (325 34 018S)
From March 1st, the radar method for testing concrete technical standards has been implemented. The standard content is here! 2020-03-03 15:22:36

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