3D Ground Penetrating Radar GeoScope
Road radar
    Model: GeoScope MK IV
    Origin: American 3D-Radar Company Use: GeoScope 3D ground penetrating radar system launched by American 3D-Radar Company is a powerful and flexible underground non-destructive testing tool. Antenna array technology can set several channels for high-speed exploration. You can set more channels for detailed high-resolution scanning.
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系统优势: Advantages of 3D GPR system:

● The host adopts innovative digital step-frequency radar technology

天线应用引领GPR天线设计的电子扫描无线阵技术 Antenna application Electronic scanning wireless array technology leading GPR antenna design

实时三维显示测试数据及分析结果 Real-time three-dimensional display of test data and analysis results

高分辨率道路无损检测最佳设备 ● The best equipment for high-resolution road non-destructive testing

The main components of 3D ground penetrating radar system:

GeoScopeTM MK IV雷达主机 GeoScopeTM MK IV radar host

三维探地雷达多通道天线阵 3D ground penetrating radar multi-channel antenna array

实时3D采集软件 Real-time 3D acquisition software

3dr-Examiner三维探地雷达数据分析软件 3dr-Examiner 3D ground penetrating radar data analysis software

Application fields of 3D GPR:

高速公路、市政道路路基、路面检测 Highway, municipal road subgrade, pavement inspection

桥梁检测 Bridge detection

地下管线调查与测绘 Underground pipeline survey and mapping

机场跑道检测 Airport runway detection

铁路路基检测 Railway Subgrade Inspection

Part I: GeoScopeTM MK IV Radar Unit

Introduction of 3D ground penetrating radar host:

3D-Radar's latest GeoScopeTM MK IV ground penetrating radar system can connect ground-coupled and air-coupled antennas for geological detection in different environments. It has an ultra-wide frequency band of 200MHz-3000MHz, according to different environmental and geological conditions, the detection depth is 3-5m. Improved standards for high-speed surveys and high-density underground 3D imaging. MK IV is 3D-Radar's fourth-generation radar host, further expanding the application of step frequency technology in ground penetrating radar. GeoScopeTM MK IV enables high-density, high-speed data acquisition, while also combining deeper detection capabilities and high resolution. For the study of different depth layers in the subsurface, high-speed surveys of large scan widths can be achieved without loosing image details by optimizing the signal bandwidth and the best possible resolution.

Host Features:

步进频率技术可以让用户设置,以获得不同深度的最佳可能分辨率。 Optimized resolution can be achieved at all depths: step frequency technology allows the user to set to get the best possible resolution for different depths. Only one antenna is required to satisfy both the depth of detection and the highest resolution. There is no need to use different radar antennas for different depth detections, as is the case with traditional 3D GPRs.

极其高的勘察效率和有效的采样方法使得GeoScopeTM MK IV采用2.4m天线阵可以以100km/h车速提供7.5X7.5cm网格完全三维图像。 Unprecedented area survey speed (working efficiency): Extremely high survey efficiency and effective sampling methods enable the GeoScopeTM MK IV to use a 2.4m antenna array to provide a fully three-dimensional image of a 7.5X7.5cm grid at a 100km / h speed. Production efficiency is as high as 25 acres / hour.

天线阵子间距为7.5cm结合3GHz带宽确保了管线探测,军事应用和考古勘探等所需要的高密度扫描要求 大宽度天线阵,均一响应的每个阵子:MK IV兼容所有VX型天线阵,最大宽度为330cm。 High-resolution full three-dimensional underground image: the antenna array spacing is 7.5cm and the 3GHz bandwidth ensures the high-density scanning required for pipeline detection, military applications and archeological exploration, etc. Large-width antenna arrays are required, and each array responds uniformly: MK IV Compatible with all VX antenna arrays, the maximum width is 330cm.

Step frequency technology:

GeoScopeTM MK IV uses digitally generated step frequency waveforms for 3D GPR imaging. MK IV transmits a series of sine waves at a certain frequency step increase, and receives the corresponding original data in the frequency domain. At the same time, the data is converted into a time-domain section and displayed in real time by inverse Fourier transform in GeoScope. You can also use 3dr-Examiner, that is, 3D-Radar's GPR processing and visualization software for post-processing. The data collected during the survey was transmitted to a connected laptop via a Gbit network cable.

Technical specifications:

Part two: 3D ground penetrating radar multi-channel antenna array

Antenna array introduction:

3D-Radar's DX series antenna array can collect 3D GPR data of up to 41 survey lines in a single pass in the continuous 200MHz-3GHz frequency range. The air-coupled antenna design has clear impulse response, low multiple echo signals, and better suppression of direct waves.

The DX series antenna array represents the latest innovation in GPR antenna design. Combined with the stepping frequency radar host GeoScope MK IV, the VX series antenna has the unique ability to collect 3D radar data with a certain scanning line density, and realizes the processing of true 3D radar data. Air-coupled antenna arrays are suitable for applications that require a certain height of the antenna from the ground, such as rapid detection of roads and railways, and radar and unexplosive detection. All antenna arrays have a bandwidth of 200MHz to 3GHz, with high depth resolution, and the shallow layer can reach 3cm, which is ideal for measuring the thickness of road covers and detecting bridge panels.

The VX series antennas specially configured for the GeoScope MK IV three-dimensional ground penetrating radar host can simultaneously receive data from two survey channels, and the survey speed is doubled without losing data and data fidelity. This unique wideband antenna design includes a bow-tie monopole antenna array, which combines different transmit / receive antenna pairs, so that users can collect multiple channels of data at one time. By setting, users can collect data in a 7.5 X 7.5 cm grid. Thereby obtaining a true three-dimensional image. Users can also set to collect only a few survey lines so that high-speed surveys can be performed. For high-speed survey applications or if some scan lines cause interference, such as railroad subgrade measurements, users can set the system to collect fewer scan lines.

Antenna array features:

超宽频带,200MHz—3GHz可以对地表浅层到更深的地下进行详细勘查,浅层深度分辨率可达3厘米 Ultra-wide frequency band, 200MHz-3GHz can carry out detailed survey from shallow surface to deeper underground, with shallow depth resolution up to 3 cm

可选天线阵子,多达41个通道单趟可采集多条通道数据,细勘使用所有通道,快速勘查可只打开一部分通道 Optional antenna array, up to 41 channels can collect multiple channel data in a single pass, all channels are used for detailed survey, and only a part of channels can be opened for quick survey

统一的天线阵子尺寸所有通道具有相同的频率范围和相同的脉冲响应,方便数据处理 Uniform antenna array size All channels have the same frequency range and the same impulse response, which is convenient for data processing

兼容GeoScope MK IV双通道接收结构的雷达主机可以同时采集两对天线阵子数据,快速推进而不失保真 The radar host compatible with the GeoScope MK IV dual-channel receiving structure can collect two pairs of antenna array data at the same time, and quickly advance without losing fidelity.

多偏移数据记录(Multi-Offset)可选多偏移数据记录,即可以在发射和接收选择不同偏移的方式记录数据。 Multi-offset data record (Multi-Offset) optional multi-offset data record, that is, you can select different offsets to record data during transmission and reception. Automatic Common Midpoint (CMP) acquisition for easy wave velocity analysis

内置GPS接收极定位和精确的授时 Built-in GPS receiver pole positioning and accurate timing


Table 1: Technical parameters of each antenna model (ground coupling)

Table 2: Technical parameters of each antenna model (air coupling)

Part III: Real-time 3D acquisition software

Real-time three-dimensional acquisition software (RT3D) allows users to instantly view the various channels of the antenna array when collecting data on-site.

User-friendly data acquisition and control:

GeoScopeTM can be connected through a standard 1Gbit / s Ethernet cable and controlled by a laptop or personal computer. The software allows the user to set the frequency range, scan period, number of active antennas, and sampling interval for each detection. At the same time, users can also view the data of a channel and set their own range landmarks on the data. The calibration of the distance measuring instrument (DMI) is easy to complete according to step-by-step instructions.

RT3D can display cross-section radar charts, cross-sections, and selected depth horizontal views at the same time. This makes site investigation easier, and users can view and identify detection targets in real time. This unique feature allows users to track targets such as pipelines. If you configure GPS, you can directly mark the precise location of the target map. The real-time function is

It is implemented by a field programmable gate array logic circuit (FPGA) in GeoScope. FPGA converts frequency-domain data into time-domain data through a fast inverse Fourier transform, and the result after turning into a time-domain signal can truly show the multi-channel and step frequency characteristics of GeoScope and antenna array.

GeoScope stores GPR data on its internal hard disk. Users can choose between storing time-domain data or frequency-domain data for further data processing. The frequency domain signal is useful for some special processing before it is converted into a time domain signal.

RT3D real-time three-dimensional display opens up many new applications, such as real-time mine detection, unexploded ordnance and roadside bomb detection, fast and effective pipeline detection, real-time road and bridge detection, etc. It can also track and detect underground linear structures such as pipelines and cables.

Part 4: 3dr-Examiner 3D Ground Penetrating Radar Data Analysis Software

Product introduction:

3dr-Examiner revolutionizes GPR data processing and analysis through its unique capabilities to quickly process and view large areas of data, as well as user-friendly interfaces for data viewing, analysis, and report generation. These features greatly reduce the time required for 3D GPR data processing.

3dr-Examiner Features:

方便使用注释功能:为其后生成的报告,数据的用户信息有助于确认有问题的区域 Easy to use annotation function: for the reports generated later, the user information of the data helps to identify the problem areas

为大量数据处理而设计:100GB数据量的多文件项目可以轻松处理 Designed for large data processing: Multi-file projects with 100GB data volume can be easily processed

多核处理器的优化大大减少处理时间:数据的初步分析在现场即可完成,而不需要带回办公室完成 Optimization of multi-core processors greatly reduces processing time: preliminary analysis of data can be completed on site, without the need to bring it back to the office to complete

The intuitive user graphical interface allows you to quickly browse large areas of data with geographic locations:

用户可以从数据中快速提取有用的信息 Users can quickly extract useful information from the data

支持导入地图和带有地理位置的图片 Supports importing maps and pictures with geographic locations

帮助用户对处理的数据进行定位 Help users locate the processed data

对于大面积数据集,可以快速和巡览,分析和报告 Support multi-scan line data processing with geographic location: for large area data sets, you can quickly and navigate, analyze and report

采用了先进的空间层跟踪算法,只要鼠标在其中一个通道断面上一点,软件便可以自动跟踪所有通道的分层界面 数据分析结果为文本格式,方便用户将数据应用到自己开发的分析软件中 提供可选功能:通过共中点(CMP)计算深度,层厚分析计算等。 Automatic layer interface tracking: The advanced spatial layer tracking algorithm is adopted. As long as the mouse is on one of the channel sections, the software can automatically track the layered interface data analysis results of all channels in text format, which is convenient for users to apply the data to their own development. Optional analysis software provides optional functions: calculation of depth through common midpoint (CMP), calculation of layer thickness, etc.

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